What is Chicago Junk Car Towing Service?

Is a free service that actually Pays you for your junk car.There are many other services out there,but most offer you nothing for your vehicle other than a free tow.Some even want to charge for taking away your junk car.We will pay you as much possible.

How much will you pay me for my junk car?

This price quote is based on many factors including the condition of your vehicle,the year,make,model.We also look at the daily value of scrap metal prices.

When do i get paid?

Unlike other services that pick up your junk car up first,then send you a payment weeks later.In our case,our friendly tow driver will have your cash payment at the time of the pick up.

When will u come to pickup my junk car?

We try to schedule the pick up at your convenience.In most cases,we can pick up the same day you call us.

Do you need the title to the vehicle?

In most cases, yes.We need to verify ownership of the vehicle so we can process the paperwork at no cost to you.If you can’t find the title, there are other forms of documentation that we may need.

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